Hope Dolphins

"Hope Dolphins" by Kim MarchesseaultI am  commissioned to sculpt a pair of dolphins with special meaning that will be given as a gift. They represent hope. One of the dolphins is slightly smaller and following behind a  larger dolphin."Hope Dolphins" by Kim MarchesseaultThese images are of the maquette for the final piece, which will be done in black clay.

"Hope Dolphins" by Kim Marchesseault


7 Responses

  1. that’s great 🙂

  2. Beautiful.
    I wonder how much hope there is for the dolphins though. What we’re doing to the oceans is deplorable.

  3. Really nice design, Kimiam.

    We have sort of made a mess of the ocean. A book I read recently mentioned there is 6 times as much plastic in the ocean as food for the filtering fish. Millions of tons of plastic.

    Oh well, you are adding to the beauty of the world.

  4. Very nice, dolphins also symbolize freedom to me.

  5. you are who you wear, thank you very much!

    Paul, we have damaged our oceans. There are a few species of dolphins that are almost extinct. Fishing nets and larger species of dolphins are killing them off possibly due to competition for scarce resources.

    Bills, that’s scary. Maybe the ocean will eventually turn into one of those plastic models of water. 😦

    Erika, Thank you! I think hope is freedom of the mind.

  6. This should be the redesign of “Touchdown Jesus” from Solid Rock Church in Ohio off of I75 that burned down from a lightning strike!

  7. Very nice…. i too am sculpting for a competition and was searching for some sculptures and came across yours…its really beautiful…….am not a proffesional but i really love sculpting…..:)

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