seeds2 copyWhen I dreamt this one, I wasn’t sure how to make it. It took me a while to figure it out. “Seeds” came from a dream, but I think also it may have been inspired by a Japanese sculptseeds3ure we’ve had in our family since I lived in Okinawa as a child. I’ve made a lot of changes. I will post images of the Japanese sculpture soon.

There is a full female nude under the fabric on this one. The lady who modeled is really quite beautiful in real life by modern standards.

I’m not entirely done with the hands and a few other things. I was stumped for a long time by the birds because I don’t know much about birds. I’m sorry to all of you bird sculptors out there for my humble attempt.

I have a lot of dreams left to sculpt.

Fluff Five Meme

I was tagged by Moonbeam McQueen.

Five Things in your bag:

purse_03071. Moleskin notebook: Blank sheets perfect for jotting down ideas, small sketches, phone numbers. I love this thing. There are a lot of blank pages still. You’d think I’d have more ideas.

2. 2-inch-thick layer of crumpled old receipts: This protective layer of packing material guards the contents of my purse against impact damage.  Some might argue that I’m just too lazy to throw them all out but they are wrong…WRONG, I TELL YOU, WRONG!

3. Pink Pearl eraser: Honest to God there are very few things on this earth more comforting to me than a Pink Pearl eraser. In fact, I’m glad Moonbeam tagged me because I forgot I had this in there till I looked just now. It erases so perfectly. With a Pink Pearl eraser, no matter how badly I’ve messed up, I know I can fix it. I buy these in large packs. I think I might like to fill a jar with them and just gaze at their magnificence…

4. Dental Floss: I’m not really sure why I carry this. I’m not a big flosser. I guess it comes from watching MacGyver episodes. Never know when you might need to rig something up with dental floss to save the world. However,  as I reflect on the situation more, it comes to light that MacGyver never carried a purse. He always improvised with whatever was lying around. I should liberate myself from the dental floss. Plus, I’ve already got the Pink Pearl eraser. Carrying anything else around in case I need to save the world is redundant.

5. My own business cards: I never hand these out. They say “artist” on them. Actually, I think I handed one out. …to a kid …who had just shot my daughter with his Airsoft gun …so he could have his mother call me. She did call, but didn’t commission any artwork.

Five Favorite Things in Your Room

1. Softest sheets in the universe on my bed: Who wouldn’t love these? It feels so good when they touch my skin. This is our old set that is well broken in, not the new set of 1200 thread count sheets I bought at Sam’s Club for a hundred bucks that are made in China. I skinned my knees on those sheets. My husband teases that they must contain lead because they are NOT soft.  They’re actually crunchy and make noise if you shift around. 

2. Drawer full of socks: Note that I said *full* of socks. It’s wonderful to open a drawer full of socks when you need them. Horrible to open a drawer hoping for -needing socks and have none.

3. My pillow: It’s soft and it’s all mine!! I do not share. If anyone is using my pillow, I can immediately force them to give it up without any flack. MINE!!!

4.Art of my children: I have some special artwork done by my kids in my nightstand.

5. The sunset: For a long time my husband didn’t want me to paint any colors on our walls in case we put the house on the market. I patiently waited for ten years. Then one day I painted my room pale purple. My husband came home from work while I was painting and I reassured him, “Don’t worry, honey. It goes on looking pink, but I promise it will dry purple.” It was the perfect combination with my beige bedside lamps – because I painted the lamps and the shades orange. My son was the first to point out that it looks like a beautiful sunset when the lamps are on.  Now every night we have a sunset before bed.

Five things you’ve always wanted to do

1.Be happy

2.Love, and be loved

3.Help people

4.Go many places, see many things

5.Understand what I’m here in this world to learn


Five things you’re currently into



3.Photography (trying to learn)


5.Being a good mom (Hopefully I’ll figure out exactly what that is!)


I would like to tag:



Erika Takacs

Todd Fillingham

Paul Maurice Martin

Bill and Lisa Jones

Lady in cloth


lady in cloth_small Here is a second sculpture using the same pose as “Where do you stand”. This one is much larger in size and is full figure. This is the largest figurative sculpture I’ve done so far. I plan to give her a very long drying


When she’s leather hard, I’ll bring her in to Litmus to finish drying in the open air and be fired because my kiln is too small for this one. I hope she makes it! (For you, 100swallows, I included a close-up of the face. )

Faces and hands are much easier and faster to sculpt larger.


lady in cloth face

Where do you stand?


I’m asking myself this question, I think. Here is a woman on earth.

Banana Noire

banana noire  This is what happens to your banana when you go to Slovenia for too long, sweetheart. We’re trying to hold out the best we can, but I don’t think your banana will still be here when you get back honey. Come home soon.

Slovenia without you (continued)

Brad Marchesseault in Slovenia -castle at Bled near Austria Do you notice anything wrong with this gorgeous picture of my husband in Slovenia? That’s right! I’m not in it.

Slovenia -castle in Bled near AustriaTake a look at the magnificent place he’s standing. This is a castle on a lake in Bled near Austria with the alps in the background.

Ricet -a barley soup once fed to prisoners in SloveniaHe says they’ve been feeding him prison food in Slovenia. He does love me! Wait…that actually looks pretty good.

Slovenia without you

 Slovenia When your husband heads off to Europe without you, you’d think he’d at least have the courtesy to not have a good time, to not see anything beautiful while he’s there, etc. etc….

However, my husband sends me dozens of photographs like this and in some he’s clearly enjoying himself, eating great food, even smiling.

He actually had the audacity to pack the two smallest suitcases we own and then declare that he wouldn’t be able to bring back any gifts for us because he couldn’t fit anything else in his microscopic luggage. I made him bring a bigger suitcase.


Honey, if you’re reading this, I love you and am glad you’re having a good time. I know I will love the ***extravagant gift*** you’re going to buy me and bring back for our anniversary which is on the 12th…remember?   honey…?   …?        :P~