Hope Dolphins

"Hope Dolphins" by Kim MarchesseaultI am  commissioned to sculpt a pair of dolphins with special meaning that will be given as a gift. They represent hope. One of the dolphins is slightly smaller and following behind a  larger dolphin."Hope Dolphins" by Kim MarchesseaultThese images are of the maquette for the final piece, which will be done in black clay.

"Hope Dolphins" by Kim Marchesseault


DystoniaThis sculpture is life-sized commission of a dystonia foot. It was purchased as a gift for the doctor who helped this woman’s son with  dystonia that caused him to raise the big toes on both of his feet, and gave him trouble when he walked.

I had Lasik eye surgery yesterday after one week free of contact lenses (translate: wearing coke bottle glasses rendering me nearly blind).
It was interesting. Like a surreal party in the office. Everyone was happy. Maybe it was the valium they were handing out…or the coffee cake. Everyone loved the coffee cake made with secret recipe.

Each of us sat in our chairs, after our wavefront scans. …Some with husbands or wives on hand for support and to do the driving and eating of coffee cake. Ladies would pop in and give us eye drops constantly and offer more valium and tell us how good the coffee cake was and suggest we try it. I, personally went with the valium. Sugar is so addicting.

The woman before me was really nice. She went to the back room to get started.. A very handsome man and beautiful woman in sandals ran down the hallway after her. The man was wearing sunglasses. He said the surgery was great and he could already see better. He had just gotten off the table…

I watched as the woman I had chatted with walked toward the room for her lasik after having her corneal flaps cut by laser. She looked into the room with totally white zombee eyes (flaps a flopping) and told her husband he should come watch because they had a chair for him to sit in while they shaped her corneas. It was a bit startling.

I was next. Right eye, fantastic. I saw stars. Left eye they had trouble with and had to do the suction thingy twice. That hurt.
Surgery great. right eye easy, left eye very painful.
When I got up, I could already see better than without glasses before. pretty cool

I’m glad I had this done. I have 20/25 vision now and still improving every hour.  I’ve missed you guys! I wish I had more time to write on this blog because I do love it.