Sharing the Light

Here is a recent Interview of me done by talented writer, Michelle Rosenthal. I’ve asked Michelle to do a guest sculpture for my blog. :P~  It is important to me to continue to share that series of work I did on PTSD and it’s my aspiration that others going through this will perhaps walk away happier, more sure of themselves, with more hope than they had when they came.

Before I part with that series of sculpture, I want to show it as a group in real life, where people can actually come and see it for themselves. I’m not sure when or where this will happen, but I did finally get the courage to speak to a local gallery about it and the response is encouraging so far.

p.s. When I say “I did finally get the courage”, what I mean is I went with my friend, Ahmed Fadaam, to a gallery that had already invited him to exhibit there, to show them some of his portrait drawings, which are incredible.  We walked in the door with his drawings and he says to the Director of the gallery, “We’re here to show you her [my] sculpture.”



“Beautiful” is a  re-sculpt of “The Pawn” that you can see in my PTSD series . “Recurve” is another sculpture I was able to make using “The Pawn” as a model. This is one of my favorite pieces.

I hate to admit I am culturally naive …but I am, so the base is just a bunch of made up stuff I painted on a wood block.

This is going to my friend, Scott Renk, who is an artist and an art teacher at an alternative High School in Raleigh.

Resilience in a Gale-Force Wind

Resilience in a Gale Force Wind by Kim Marchesseault  Resilience in a Gale Force Wind by Kim Marchesseault

She has her new dress on and she’s ready for the world …er… ok, she has like a month of drying, then firing, then finishing…but then after that she’ll be ready to meet the world! This is the un-nude one from the pair of kneeling ladies.

PTSD healing through sculpture

I started sculpting around the same time I began therapy for PTSD. Here’s what happened in my sculpture unintentionally. These are posted in the order they were completed. Looking back, they are like a journal in clay of the healing process.

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“The Pawn”


“River’s Dawn” -a piece about hope.

“Why?”  -anger with God.

“The Truth”

“Letting in the Light” -revealing and demanding the truth. This marked the most difficult time in therapy.

“A New Direction”


“Free Diver” -freedom. (Flashbacks stopped)

I know it’s silly of me, I just thought maybe someone else out there going through PTSD might find some hope in these.


Faith by Kim Marchesseault She’s clinging to something you can’t see or hear or touch. It might be what’s keeping her from falling.

Addendum in white.  Select  it to read: The sculpture named “Faith” is a blank slate for people to see what they need to see in it. I sometimes see the faith that got me through a few rough times, took away my pain so I could have an infantessimal increment of dignity during an overwhelming, unfathomable situation, but I also see in it, at times, that she is holding onto nothing, that noone will come to rescue her, that God will not send an angel to help, that she is abandoned to be humiliated, ridiculed, ostracized, discredited, ashamed and that righteous look on her face will soon dissolve into anguish as those around her revel in undoing her. -all her hope that people will some day see the truth and acknowledge it doesn’t bring it to fruition. It’s an ongoing struggle for me even though the flashbacks are gone.Of course, you probably already know this.