Banana Noire

banana noire  This is what happens to your banana when you go to Slovenia for too long, sweetheart. We’re trying to hold out the best we can, but I don’t think your banana will still be here when you get back honey. Come home soon.

Slovenia without you (continued)

Brad Marchesseault in Slovenia -castle at Bled near Austria Do you notice anything wrong with this gorgeous picture of my husband in Slovenia? That’s right! I’m not in it.

Slovenia -castle in Bled near AustriaTake a look at the magnificent place he’s standing. This is a castle on a lake in Bled near Austria with the alps in the background.

Ricet -a barley soup once fed to prisoners in SloveniaHe says they’ve been feeding him prison food in Slovenia. He does love me! Wait…that actually looks pretty good.

Slovenia without you

 Slovenia When your husband heads off to Europe without you, you’d think he’d at least have the courtesy to not have a good time, to not see anything beautiful while he’s there, etc. etc….

However, my husband sends me dozens of photographs like this and in some he’s clearly enjoying himself, eating great food, even smiling.

He actually had the audacity to pack the two smallest suitcases we own and then declare that he wouldn’t be able to bring back any gifts for us because he couldn’t fit anything else in his microscopic luggage. I made him bring a bigger suitcase.


Honey, if you’re reading this, I love you and am glad you’re having a good time. I know I will love the ***extravagant gift*** you’re going to buy me and bring back for our anniversary which is on the 12th…remember?   honey…?   …?        :P~