On to England

Hope Dolphins by Kim Marchesseault These dolphins are now making their way across the pond. After the maquette was approved, the sculpture was created in black clay, dried to leather hard, carved design according to the buyer’s specifications, spent quite some time drying, bisque fired, glazed, fired again, finished and now off to sea.

The word “hope” is carved into the bottom of the piece under the base. The glazed portion symbolizes armor.

I sure hope the new owner enjoys them.


Hope Dolphins

"Hope Dolphins" by Kim MarchesseaultI am  commissioned to sculpt a pair of dolphins with special meaning that will be given as a gift. They represent hope. One of the dolphins is slightly smaller and following behind a  larger dolphin."Hope Dolphins" by Kim MarchesseaultThese images are of the maquette for the final piece, which will be done in black clay.

"Hope Dolphins" by Kim Marchesseault