Water drops on iris blade


Water Drops on Iris Blade by Kim Marchesseault I took this picture the other day after rescuing my hydrangea from the heat with a drink of water. (click image for larger view) I was trying to get a picture of fuzzy bees hovering around nearby flowers, but they were too fast for me.

Little bit older and a lot less boulder

Stone carving by Kim Marchesseault 

Here is more progress on the stone carving I’m doing in Paris Alexander’s workshop. I’m using mostly the tooth chisel to figure out the planes of the face. I want to go much deeper on the far side. I’ve not even started shaping the hand. Lots of work ahead!

This is part four of the series on this stone carving.

Part 3:  Fo shizzel my chizzel

Part 2: The cure for stonliness is a friend with a chisel

Part 1: Turned to stone