Hanna is not really a girl

Hanna Jubran installs "Earth, Water, Wind, Fire #2" as Ken Jarvis looks on.  photo by Kim Marchesseault 

ECU professor, Hanna Jubran, kept me and many of the people around him laughing as he installed his work in the  CVA sculpture show

He helped other sculptors install their work as well. Some of the artists  in this exhibit had been students of his.

From the looks of it he was well on his way to picking up a few new students.

In the image on the left Hanna is drilling holes into a pre-cast concrete pad so he can bolt this sculpture in place for the 10-month duration of the Cary Visual Art show.

The ingenious use of a peculiar shade of blue creates movement and electric energy between tectonic plates of the sixteen-foot-tall, painted steel sculpture called “Earth, Water, Wind, Fire #2” by Hanna Jubran.

He says of the pR.N. Rouse & Co., who donated their crane services, work here to place Hanna Jubran's sculpture in the CVA Showiece, “It expresses the cycle of life, growth and continuum. The interplay of shape, form, space and colors. These four elements are seen in a variety of forms, shapes and colors as they occur in nature. They are ever changing.”

On the right you can see Hanna’s work still strapped to the boom truck. It was slightly lifted off the ground as members of the crew turned it by hand to achieve good placement.

p.s. Hanna, thank you for clearing it up that you’re not a girl.