Digging deeper

stone carving day 4 Kim Marchesseault 

At the point this photo was taken, I was told not to carve further on the hair or fabric around the face, and not to carve the hand yet so the face began to shrink a bit and become enclosed by the stone. I had a hard time reaching the places I needed to work on. I know the idea was to preserve options for future. It’s hard for me to work on areas someone else tells me to, or to ignore parts of a whole piece.  I like to flit around from part to part and let the whole thing take shape.

I’ve been told this face is ugly, that it looks like a man, that it must be an Asian woman. Someone, trying to help me out, took a chisel and removed her left cheek bone prior to this picture because they disagreed about the structure of this face. I was really upset afterward and I had to carve deeper to get the cheek partially restored.  Now the nose looks crooked and adjustments need to be made.  I am doing my best to use these comments, experiences and the guidance to benefit the quality of my work overall. I guess it’s good to run into many obstacles to learn better how to deal with them.

I love working with a hammer and chisel. I love the feel of the tools in my hands. I hope I wind up with something that looks human in the end.


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