A Puncture Saves a Thousand Curves


Here is a clay sketch with channels cut before finishing. This sculpture is finished and in the drying process now. About 19 inches long.


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  1. First blog I read after wakeup from sleep today!

  2. VERY interesting, wish I could watch you work.

  3. Remy, cool!

    Bill, you have a standing invitation. I’m in Cary, NC. Come see me.

  4. So that’s how you do it! I like this pose very much.

  5. I know that nice town. My sister used to live there. A lovely area. She now lives in West Virginia so perhaps on my next trip I can come down and watch. I suppose I won’t be able to watch from start to finish unless you have a guest room. Do you have a towel warmer? I like my towels warm.

  6. Erika, thank you!

    Bill, we don’t have a guest room. I don’t even have a studio yet. No, there’s no towel warmer either!

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  8. What do you mean by “channels cut before finishing’? Are those holes going throught the clay? How far do they go, and how do you hide them afterwards? I’m not an artist and know nothing about art, but I really like your stuff-you do beautiful hands.

  9. David, those holes go all the way through the sculpture to the board underneath. Then I smooth over the tops of the holes so you can’t see them. Because this sculpture is solid, it needs these channels to keep from exploding in the kiln when it’s fired.

    Clay generally needs to be 1/4 inch thick or less for the water and air to escape properly. otherwise, during firing the water heats, becomes steam and is trapped inside with no escape and the piece blows up.

    Thank you about the hands!

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