In the Rubble

smallBrokenbase There’s something special in this pile of rubble. This was a quick sketch I did of a model that I never finished.

I abandoned it in my garage for months. I did not add the usual labyrinth of channels I like to cut into these before firing. It was completely covered so it really didn’t have a good drying program.  Then temps during that time got down to about 16 degrees. This piece was very close to the door of the garage so it was well below freezing. I rediscovered it recently and I fired it just to see what would happen.

See how the figure held together? Every time a sculptor touches the clay, it becomes stronger. I love what happened with this piece.

3 Responses

  1. Are all those broken pieces part of the original?

    What is left does look good.

  2. yes, she was sitting on a base made of the same clay. What a mess to clean up!

  3. I have to share that I opened my fortune cookie last night (we took Brooke out for dinner to celebrate after her show). The cookie said, “Success is Failure turned upside down.”

    It made me think of this sculpture.

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