Small Gust of Wind

"Small Gust of Wind" by Kim Marchesseault "Small Gust of Wind" by Kim Marchesseault0048 "Small Gust of Wind" by Kim Marchesseault 0052 "Small Gust of Wind" by Kim Marchesseault 0054 "Small Gust of Wind" by Kim Marchesseault 0056 I’m so tired of working on this one, I have to stop now.  It’s difficult to handle due to the pose and positioning of the support.   I started on an armature. After I removed this one from the armature, I hollowed it out, then I made a clay support that goes under her rear end to support the weight while the legs dry and she’s being fired.  (I removed the clay support for the photo.)

I’ll sand her after she’s fired to giver her a nice, smooth finish. She is 13 inches tall.

12 Responses

  1. This is really nice work. I can almost feel the wind!!

  2. Lots of detail for a figure that size! I remember you saying you like modelling the hands, and it shows. They’re very expressive.

  3. You model really well, kimiam. I like her hands, her feet, her face. I was sorry you had to dig your name into her pretty leg. Poor you with such a long one!

  4. Oooh, really nice.

  5. Very nice hand, Kimiam – I love these wet t-shirt poses. That model must be very tough to hold this pose for long.

  6. Otto, thank you! That’s a wonderful thing to read.

    erika, I do love hands. I’ve been trying to improve on sculpting them. Thanks for your comment.

    Swallows, Thank you for your comments. I signed this one with a shortened version of my name. My first name, middle and last initials. Do you have any ideas on signing sculpture? The successful sculptors I know sign their work.

    Todd, thanks! It’s good to see you around.

    Bills, LOL, wet t-shirt poses!!! I’m telling everyone you called it that.

  7. Kimiam: There’s no rule, each work is different, you have to decide each time and it ain’t easy. The painters have the same problem and worse, of course. Ask Bill. They have to decide on the COLOR of the signature each time too. This figure has no plinth and you might regret it. Those legs or a part of them sooner or later will break off. Most sculptors sign somewhere on the plinth.

  8. A butterfly lives only for a week or two in the adult stage with those delicate wings. Should it never have been created?

    …And what is with all that risky flying around a silly bird does? It could be hurt. Should it never take flight?

    Some day every one of us will die. Should we never have been born?

    The things I regret most in life are the things I’ve left undone because I let someone else scare me into not doing them.

    I have made two other figures posed similarly to this one without a plinth and have had no problems with the legs or toes any other part of them breaking off. Of course this is due to care in handling, especially how this piece is handled before firing. …and I don’t mean to sound boastful, please forgive me, but most people in this world are not capable of successfully pulling off this pose.

    Some day I hope you will share pictures of your work with me, Swallows.

  9. Kimiam: Don’t you let anyone scare you.

  10. I’m still wondering how to make the fabric look thiner at the hems.

  11. Super article=) will definitely visit again:)

  12. Thank you!

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