Life Size

mediasmall0005 Last time I visited my friend,  Ahmed Fadaam, he was working on this foam sculpture he will call “Media” at the UNC art lab. He took foam sheets like those pictured above, glued them together and placed them on a metal armature, and carved a beautiful life-sized running woman to represent run-away headlines in the news. Ahmed showed me how he used a heated wire to cut through the foam, then refined his surfaces with rasps and finally smoothed with sandpaper. In this image her arms have not yet been put into place, but he is much further along in the process now. Ahmed Fadaam with "Media" in progress

Eventually this sculpture will be covered in headlines cut from newspapers and I think it may be placed somewhere on the UNC campus when it is finished. He was kind enough to let me do a little carving on the back leg and a very tiny bit on the hair.

I hope you enjoy these images. I feel so fortunate to have Ahmed as a friend. I’ve learned a lot from him. He has shown me several materials including this one that he believes will help me push myself further as a sculptor. How do you thank someone so generous and kind, who helps make your dreams come true?

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  1. That’s amazing – you wouldn’t think that kind of material could be turned into something like that. I must say, she makes the headlines in the news look better than they are…

  2. Thanks for showing this picture of your friend’s figure, kimiam, and the idea to make figures out of foam sheets. Styrofoam is often used as a core for big wax figures too. The trouble I see here is that it is very fragile and it will come back awfully beat up from an exhibition. Even marble figures come back scratched and chipped.

  3. This would be a good training tool. You can make your mistakes and learn much faster than chipping through rock.

    I think you only need to say thanks. He will know you are sincere.

  4. Thanks, Paul! I’ll pass that on to Ahmed.

    Swallows, you’re right. It’s fragile. The newspaper on the outside should give some protection plus the metal armature system inside of it. repairs should not be very difficult. This is probably not a work that is intended to last forever. Ahmed may be so pleased with it when he’s done that perhaps he could make a mold from it. if he chooses to.

    Bills, it’s a lot lighter than stone, too! :P~

  5. thank you Kim, for being my friend, working on Foam is a good way to practice carving, I used to work on marble and stone until 2003, but I stopped when the war started, hopefully I will find me a good peice of marble and work on it, and I hope it would be a life size too,

  6. I am so glad that I am on your blog. Wow!.
    The review of his work is great. Using new materials to create is the best adventure an artist can have. Thank you for sharing

  7. Ahmed! I’m so glad you’re here!

    Suzanne, Thank you!

  8. Did you drop a rock on your toe again? Let’s get SOMETHING up here, I need reading material.

  9. OK, Bills, for you! hehe…

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