To Grasp the Wind

"Grasp the Wind" by Kim Marchesseault "Grasp the Wind" by Kim MarchesseaultHere  is my  latest sculpture called “Grasp the Wind”, which, to me, means to understand or achieve something very complex, difficult, seemingly unachievable. 


To  to grasp at the wind would be to attempt something that appears futile, but how do we know it’s futile until we give it a try? And now we can fly. We’ve touched the moon.

"Grasp the Wind" by Kim Marchesseault"Grasp the Wind" by Kim Marchesseault

This isculpture is pictured during its construction in the post called In Progress.

6 Responses

  1. wow, that really is a striking image. Sweet.

    I’m so jealous of you visual artists. Have an ability that I can’t even comprehend. wow.

    blessings for your work.

  2. Thank you, ggw bach. I feel completely in love with those like you who have musical gifts. In fact, I married one of you!

    I believe if you can perceive beauty, you have the ability to draw. It then becomes a matter of whether your completely obsessed or not.

  3. Although I’m slowly drifting away from realistic modelling, every time I see your figures I want to go back!
    Have you noticed your terracotta figure photographs better? I like the shadows. Good job on the cloth and legs and everything.
    You just proved my theory true. 🙂 I noticed a good artist doesn’t pick up where they left off after coming back from an extended artless period. Even as they’re idle they make a jump ahead.

  4. Nice job, Kimiam, and a nice idea too. I don’t understand the shape you’ve given to the “wind”.

  5. Kimiam – nice piece. I too misunderstood the wind part. I thought the model was taking off a top garment. And I was wondering how long she could hold that pose.

    Happy New Year – wishing you continued beautiful work and great satisfaction in creating it.

  6. Erica, thank you! I am always thinking about sculpting -my mind is always working things out, even when I’m not sculpting, plus some of my friends are very talented artists. When you hang around with extremely talented people, some rubs off on you.

    swallows, I always look forward to your feedback. The figure is holding a cloth over four of her fingers. Thumb is exposed. It’s alright if this one doesn’t strike your fancy. I plan to visit this subject often in my work, perhaps a series on the wind because, as you know, I love to sculpt the wind. Maybe I will come up with something you enjoy more in a future work.

    lol, Bills!! Thank you for your funnies and for your support and encouragement.

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