Loose Leaf Logic

Kimiam Loose Leaf Logic socks

8 Responses

  1. If that falling sock is yours, you are washing in too hot water.

  2. Or, I suppose you could have very small feet. Good luck with the balance issue.

  3. You have my permission to edit these and combine them into one brilliant comment.

  4. If you’ve finished with the laundry that is.

  5. I’ll leave them, Bill. I was feeling very lonely and depressed what with not having anywhere to sculpt. I’ll just pretend you are my four friends who happen to be identical quadruplets and who’s parents chose four great names for girls, but when you arrived and suprised them by being boys, they only liked one name for a boy so they gave you all the same name.

  6. I’ll try to be all of your friends. Let’s get rid of the others. First let’s talk about Christmas. I will send you something and you send all 4 of us individual gifts please. Mom and dad always tried to short us by telling us we were one person.

    I know a woman with multiple personalities. Some of the personalites are aware of the others and some are not. It is really strange to see shifts from a young child to a strong adult to a different adult who is very frightened.

  7. Ok, that last comment was a little boring. Give me some time to do better.

  8. lol, Bills. I better get to shopping!

    The woman you know with multiple personalities must have had a very rough childhood. It’s a good thing she has the four of you for friends.

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