kim and charles2 We had a fabulous time at Litmus on the night of the reception for the annual nude show.

Here is me with my  friend and fellow sculptor, Charles, right before he headed off to another party.

The show seems to be growing and the quality of the entries is getting better every year. There were also more art collectors in attendance this year.

Litmus is a relaxed, casual place. Our sculpture group comes here to learn from each other.  We share models. We laugh a lot together and we sculpt.

8 Responses

  1. Oh what fun! Jim’s opening this year was the best ever… and you and I didn’t submit pieces… smack with wet noodle for each. –c

  2. OMG you look great 🙂

  3. Nice pic of you. You look even tinier then me lol. Or your friend is very tall. So when are you going back to your stone or clay?

  4. Charles, stop telling on me! :P~

    Kaylee, thank you! I hope you’re feeling well.

    Erika, I’m small *and* he’s very tall. When he’s with his very tall girlfriend, I feel like a small child. I’m almost ready to get back to stone and clay. almost! Just have a few things to face in the universe which hopefully will get me headed in the right direction.

  5. You don’t look nude enough for the nude show. Still, I guess this will make you stand out. You are pretty cute and I think it was very clever of you to hide that scuptor’s hand you mangled with the maul.

  6. You used to show a lot of work. Let us try to get back on track here. Since you are cute we tend to give you slack, but not that much.

  7. lol, bill. I couldn’t think of any more cool titles for my stone carving posts so you see why I had to pause the work! :P~

    I’ll be back to it soon. I have some drawings to share.

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