Should you, Could you, Would you Paint the Wood?

IMG_2 1179My guardian poodle should be out there biting the ankles of my enemies however, he prefers to dabble in fine art instead.  Here’s an installation work of Pood’s called “someone rang the doorbell right after the front door was painted” .

I’m so fortunate to have such a talented companion here for inspiration. Pood is also an unbelievable  percussionist. You should hear him rattle his stainless steel bowls whenever they’re empty.

His humanitarian efforts include providing a well groomed, warm place to live for about half a dozen otherwise homeless fleas right now, (despite my best efforts).

p.s. Bill, you can see what I’ve been working on lately. My humble contribution is called “Maple Hardwood Floors”.


2 Responses

  1. I love that line, “somone rang the doorbell after the door was painted”. The floor wood is beautiful . I do think I would wipe down the Pood painting. It is good for him to understand not every work is a masterpiece. He can try again later.

    You might want to get him on TV – I’ve never seen a 10 footed dog before.

  2. Bill, you’re right. I’ll break it to him gently. I let the paint dry and scraped it off with my nail. All gone. I love wood floors!

    Unfortunately, Pood injured his left front paintbrush while chasing a cat the other day.

    His nail was removed by the vet and he’s on antibiotics but he’s figured out how to break open the capsules and spill the powder out onto my new area rug as he enjoys the hot dog I tried to hide the pill in. Could this be his new medium?

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