Air Guitar

 Mike Roig and fellow sculptor Wayne Vaughn move "Air Guitar" into place -photo by Kim Marchesseault  Mike Roig and fellow sculptor, Wayne Vaughn wheel the $5,000 prize-winning entry of the 2008 Cary Visual Art Sculpture Show, “Air Guitar” into place on what looks like  a medieval castle-wall-ramming contraption. The sculpture dangles from a hook on back while a bar in front holds counterweight. Fellow sculptor Wayne Vaughn assists Mike Roig in stringing  "Air Guitar" 

Mike resides with his wife, author and illustrator Clay Carmichael in Carrboro, NC.

Mike Roig, Sculptor of  “Air Guitar”, says, “All I need is a hook, some notion of an interesting direction to explore and I begin. Air Guitar’s hook was to give the wind an instrument to play.”

The wind now has a beautifully engineered, seventeen-foot tall, cresceSculptor Wayne Vaughn assists Mike Roig in stringing "Air Guitar"nt-shaped, steel-stringed guitar at its whim in the Town of Cary.

Mike joked that with the on looking teenage girls and all the picture-taking, this must be what it’s like to be a rock star.

Thank you for being so patient about the photographs.  I figure I’m not such a great photographer so if I take a thousand pictures, one’s bound to turn out!

I think I have enough photographs of Mike to piece together a high quality action sequence if anyone wants to make a movie about him.

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