Men at the Wheel

Placing Charles Pilkey's "Wheel of Life" photo by Kim Marchesseault  I laughed with one of the other volunteers at a reception for this very Sculpture Show that the pay is terrible but the benefits are incredible for us volunteers with Cary Visual Art.

The day I took this picture I was in heaven watching and photographing as each sculptor brought his work in. The day was long and hot. The installations were as unique as the works themselves and each artist brought his own distinct personality to the collective group as the hours progressed. 

Some were charismatic  teachers, some were quiet -maybe even reclusive. Some were tired from the physical labor of transporting and installing work of this scale. Some couldn’t hold back the smiles and laughter. Most of them knew each other from previous shows. They joked with each other and offered help where needed.

In the photo above, Town of Cary staff, Cary Visual Art Volunteers and Charles Pilkey himself (in the dark pants in the front) are placing “Wheel of Life” on a pre-cast concrete slab. The town actually dug up the plantings in that bed and spread them out so the pad would fit properly. This particular installation had a bit of a hitch because the original concrete pad was too small to secure the work on. It was removed and another pad was brought in with a forklift and placed before the sculpture could be installed. We were so fortunate to have many people focused on making this show a success.

Sculptor of the steel and bronze “Wheel of Life”, Charles Pilkey, says of his work, “The sculpture symbolizes our emergence from nature, the rise of technology, the development of ever more destructive technologies and finally the end of civilization. Then the cycle begins again. But the question remains, ‘Will we find the wisdom to free ourselves from the cycle of suffering and destruction?’”

Maybe some day my work will be this large.

My apologies for such a long pause in posting. I have a lot to share.