A rock and a hard face

stone carving by Kim Marchesseault I worked some on the hair, the face and began shaping the hand of this lady in limestone. 

I’m working at home now. An area of my deck has a roof over it and a work bench strong enough to hold this rock. My tools are three chisels and a hammer.

When I stop being brutally critical of myself-  stone carving by Kim Marchesseault 21934just relax and the work flows. Click to enlarge.


This is part six of the series on this stone carving.

Part 5: Digging deeper

Part 4: Little bit older and a lot less boulder

Part 3: Fo shizzel my chizzel

Part 2: The cure for stonliness is a friend with a chisel

Part 1: Turned to stone


9 Responses

  1. It’s shaping up nicely. I really like the hair and I can see some features on the face. Looking forward to hands. Keep up the good work and have fun!

  2. Thank you for the encouragement!

  3. Just stopped by to check the progress. Looking good!

    I expect this gives you a greater appreciation of the David.

  4. What do you measure against to know how deep to carve?

  5. This is really turning out to be quite stunning! When are we going to see another update? I wanna see more!

  6. Oh Kimiam – did you break your chisel?

  7. My chisel is fine!! Bill, there is a pencil line on the side of the stone as a loose guideline on how deep to carve.

    MadM, I’ll give you an update soon. Lips are incredibly easy. I thought they’d be so hard. I’ve smoothed the surfaces out with a flat chisel just to see where I stand and I want to refine a bit. The eyes I’m a little worried about defining because that can make or break the work. I’ll get there when I get there, I suppose.

    Sorry for the delay in posting. I was doing more traveling in August and now this project is on hold while my husband and I install wood floors in our house, which is torn up beyond belief and covered in saw dust.

    Also, I’ve been working on a temp exhibition committee doing some writing and taking photographs for a sculpture show in my town.

  8. I must say, Kimiam, you have convinced me not to take up stone sculpture. This is waaay too much work. Also, how do you pick it up?

  9. Bill, it’s only 70 pounds. Not that hard to lift for short distances. You’d be a great stone carver.

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