Little bit older and a lot less boulder

Stone carving by Kim Marchesseault 

Here is more progress on the stone carving I’m doing in Paris Alexander’s workshop. I’m using mostly the tooth chisel to figure out the planes of the face. I want to go much deeper on the far side. I’ve not even started shaping the hand. Lots of work ahead!

This is part four of the series on this stone carving.

Part 3:  Fo shizzel my chizzel

Part 2: The cure for stonliness is a friend with a chisel

Part 1: Turned to stone

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  1. This is coming right along, kimiam. Don’t be afraid of that hand either. It’ll come out well–you’ll see. That’s a typical sculptor’s stool you have. Funny that all over the world and since probably before the Greeks sculptors used that same one, with those four vertical legs and the dumb little supports. I’d have thought the Americans would have come up with something new. The darn thing forever wiggles, doesn’t it? You sort of ride the pile of stone chips.

  2. I had a lot of questions typed for you, Kim, but I lost them because I haven’t noticed your posts are moderated now.
    It was mostly about how do you keep track where you want to take this without the outlines. Do you “see” the face? Must be very challenging at this point.

  3. Erika, sorry you lost your post. I don’t think I changed any settings here.

    I am just feeling my way around on this project, trying not to be too hard on myself since it’s my first stone carving.

  4. You are moving on this. Do you carry it with you on the subway for a little work while you travel?

  5. I never realized how much work goes into these things! You have a lot of patience!

  6. Let’s go let’s go. Take some more off.

  7. Bill, I had been leaving it at Paris’ studio but I brought it home and Paris loaned me some tools to do some extra work on it because it’s taking me so long!! I don’t know if I’ll get finished by the end of the workshop or not.

    I need to take new pics.

    Kids are out of school now so we’ve been busy busy around here.

  8. […] Little bit older and a lot less boulder […]

  9. […] Little bit older and a lot less boulder […]

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