Fo Shizzel My Chizzel


stone carving_0101 

Second day carving this stone and I am having a blast. My teacher, Paris Alexander,taught me to use a point chisel to clear out more stone and to do some shaping with a tooth chisel. I was supposed to round out the tip of the nose (/me points to the square flat thing which is not rounded in the middle of the face) but I was bad and got distracted playing around with the rest of the face. He really has his work cut out for him, being stuck with me as a student. I can hardly wait till next week.

Part 1:  Turned to Stone -preliminary sketch for this sculpture

Part 2: The Cure for Stonliness is a Friend with a Chisel – image transfer and initial carving

8 Responses

  1. ooooooooooooooooooooooooh! I saw a segment on This Old House and though of you — they were at a quarry cutting Milford Pink Granite for a foundation, and I was thinking how much fun you could have carving one of those pieces!

  2. It’s coming along nicely, Kim. And it sounds as though you have a lot of fun. I like your teacher’s works a lot. How many hours do you work on the stone each time?

  3. Whoa – something about that stone makes it look like hard work. It will really be a work to be proud of in the end.

  4. Mad M, That would be cool. I think granite is the hardest stone used in sculpture and very difficult to work in so it would probably start out as human and end as abstract! :P~

    Erika, we work for two hours per class so this is 4 hours so far on the actual stone.

    Bill, I think it’s something I would do for hours on end if I didn’t have a time limit. I’m the kind of person who forgets to eat or go to the bathroom when I’m really focused on something and if it werent’ for being kicked out of the studio at the end of each session, I’d still be there now…or I would have abducted my stone and be here working on it now if I had my own tools. I don’t know if I’ll be proud of the finished piece. I hope so.

  5. A visual that could easily apply to carving in stone is the topiary cartoon I read where the artist started sculpting a bear. After an error he changed to a wolf, then a racoon, followed by a mouse. Finally with the last remaining leaf and twig he declared it a “praying mantis”.

  6. /me presents her finished sculpture. It is a perfect, life sized, 3-dimensional carving of a grain of sand. No other artist has ever achieved this level of perfection and beauty…

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