Turned to stone

stonecarving by Kim Marchesseault Here is my preliminary pencil sketch for my first attempt at relief carving in limestone.

This sketch was my second choice of the two designs I came up with. My instructor gently advised me that my first choice is too difficult for my skill level at this time.

The method of image transfer we used involved punching holes through the lines of the sketch with a nail and rubbing blue chalk into the nail holes. I didn’t punch deeply enough so only a few blue dots showed up on my stone, but they were enough to use as points of reference and fortunately I was able to quickly redraw the image in pencil on the limestone.

My instructor is Paris Alexander, a well known artist living in the Raleigh area. He seems at peace with himself, which makes taking this class from him an absolute pleasure.

7 Responses

  1. Looks great, sounds like you’re lucky to have access to that instructor –

  2. How exciting, Kim! Tell us about how it goes and show in progress shots if you can. Good luck, hope you’ll like stone carving.

  3. This looks r-e-a-l-l-y interesting. I’m intrigued! When do we get to see the next step in progress?

  4. Paul, Yes! He’s wonderful. I’m lucky.

    Erika, I’ll try. Hopefully in the end I will wind up with something that looks human.

    MadM, I have some shots of the beginning stages of carving I’ll post up this afternoon.

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