seeds2 copyWhen I dreamt this one, I wasn’t sure how to make it. It took me a while to figure it out. “Seeds” came from a dream, but I think also it may have been inspired by a Japanese sculptseeds3ure we’ve had in our family since I lived in Okinawa as a child. I’ve made a lot of changes. I will post images of the Japanese sculpture soon.

There is a full female nude under the fabric on this one. The lady who modeled is really quite beautiful in real life by modern standards.

I’m not entirely done with the hands and a few other things. I was stumped for a long time by the birds because I don’t know much about birds. I’m sorry to all of you bird sculptors out there for my humble attempt.

I have a lot of dreams left to sculpt.


9 Responses

  1. I wouldn’t be able to learn a thing from a teacher like that. How could I concentrate on the ornithology lesson?
    I bet your Japanese woman was covered from head to foot and didn’t wiggle around that way. Seeds? Is she feeding the birds?

  2. The japanese figure is wearing a kimono, but her head is not covered. Also, her toes are showing. :P~

  3. Kim, I like this piece the best so far. You found a fine balance with this one. She’s a real, sensitive woman. Keep this direction in my opinion. What technique do you use for your fabric? Slabs? Coils? I like the folds between her legs.

  4. Thank you, erika. The construction is non-traditional. The sculpture is solid with a labyrinth of channels cut through the clay immerging at the base to allow release of air and moisture.

  5. Are hands more difficult to do than other body parts?

  6. I like sculpting hands. Most sculptors have trouble with hands and feet. From the point in this picture there was like 10 minutes of work left to do on the hands. But…I reach a point where I have to stop, when my mind is exhausted. If I have a model for the hand, it goes faster. If I have to use my own hand as a model…longer. Hands are all about the angles and relationships. I guess that could be said about the entire figure.

  7. More! More!

  8. This is quite nice. I’m waiting for you to do a fat lady. Is the clay too expensive?

    Drawing hands is also difficult. Not as bad as sculpting of course but still harder than a head.

  9. No, no, the clay isn’t expensive. The models charge me by the pound though. :P~

    I like drawing hands as long as I have a hand model. Most of the female hands I sculpt are with my own hands as a model. Making up hands is much harder.

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