Lady in cloth


lady in cloth_small Here is a second sculpture using the same pose as “Where do you stand”. This one is much larger in size and is full figure. This is the largest figurative sculpture I’ve done so far. I plan to give her a very long drying


When she’s leather hard, I’ll bring her in to Litmus to finish drying in the open air and be fired because my kiln is too small for this one. I hope she makes it! (For you, 100swallows, I included a close-up of the face. )

Faces and hands are much easier and faster to sculpt larger.


lady in cloth face

7 Responses

  1. How tall is she? She has an interesting face. Great body, good proportions. I like this work the best so far. Hope it comes out intact of the kiln. It would be a shame if cracked. Give her a month slow drying time imo.

  2. Thanks, Erica!

    She’s 20 inches tall. Only an inch taller than “A New Direction” overall, but her body is larger because her form begins right at the base.

    I usually give my work about a month of drying time. I will go a bit longer with this one because she’s solid, as all my work is.

  3. Thanks for the close-up of her face. Her lips are sexy. You remembered to poke a hole in THEM. Are you happy with those poked eyes? I’ve never been with any of mine. The hair is good–real sculpture. I bet it was just two “rags” hanging around the real model’s head and you made it into this.
    I like the fine cloth around her hips.
    I don’t understand her right hip and leg. Does she have a foot? (Not that she would HAVE to have either.) Of course now I wonder what she looks like from the back.
    The first statue looked like Where Do I Stand (in this silly world)?; but this one doesn’t look so young or lost or humble.

  4. I actually like the poked eyes but only when the iris is drawn around them, which it is, but i can see that it’s difficult to make out in the image.

    When I do hair, it is a bunch of assorted triangles I stick onto the head and manipulate with my fingers and a few tools. Then I soften the lines later.

    I used 3 images of ladies wearing different pareos to come up with the cloth on this one.

    I apologize for some of the odd lines in the image. They are very exaggerated from using the sharpen, highpass, and render lighting from photoshop. It’s my lack of skill showing.

    Her foot is tucked behind the cloth, so no, it does not show. Her knee is protruding from the cloth.

    This is the same pose as “Where Do I Stand” but I changed the head, hair and facial expression and extended it to be a full body instead of cut off at the knee. I designed the cloth to deal with the issue of support but I also wanted it to be something that enhances the overall piece. I hate looking at sculpture standing against a supporting element that is awkward and out of place.

  5. I love this — and love learning how you put them together. Great work!

  6. WOW love her 🙂

  7. I love the stance, the expression on her face, and as always, the way you’ve draped the fabric. This one is really wonderful.

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