Where do you stand?


I’m asking myself this question, I think. Here is a woman on earth.

5 Responses

  1. Yes, she looks like she’s contemplating. Well done. A front view would be nice too.

  2. She’s nice, kimiam. What’s that drawing on the globe? The continents and islands? If she were in bronze you could put a shiney green enamel-like patina on the ball and make the girl blackish-green. Does she frown?

  3. Looks self-confident —

  4. Thanks you guys!

    she’s not frowning, swallows. Just very serious looking. The sphere is supposed to be the globe, but I messed up on the proportions of the US…made it too huge and didn’t have enough room for all the continents. I was going to fix it…but it says something about my ignorance. I feel ignorant about world issues. So I left it reflecting my ignorance, but if I ever made a copy or cast this, I would try to make the globe more accurate.

  5. love it

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