Field of Flowers

Field of Flowers by Kim Marchesseault

Be the flowers.


5 Responses

  1. Ooooh, very nice. Reminds me of my old hippie days (not that I’ve ever actually grown out of them).

    I could see this life size or bigger.

  2. Cool – very fitting for spring.

  3. Very pretty. The colours go very well with her pose. And it’s great that you left her face untouched. I would love to see her face. One of your best so far.

  4. Todd, I bet you were an awesome hippy. I want to work larger…some day. I dont’ have the kiln for it right now, but some day.

    Bill, thank you. I wish you were here to do the painting.

    Erika, Her face is painted in flesh tones but I need to get the good camera set up out to capture it.

    Thanks, you guys!!!

  5. There is a piece similar to this (all white except green mung edges) in a pond at the Luxenburg Gardens in Paris. I like yours better. Love your sculpture.

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