Tribbles on Atlantic Beach

tribbletrouble-1  It’s July on Atlantic Beach, NC 2007. Why didn’t anyone warn you?

You’re out in the waves boogie-boarding. Something prickly and hairy wraps around your leg in the water. Then a wave washes over you and one prickly thing gets in your hair. Another gets stuck in your suit. You try not to panic as you desperately convince yourself these aren’t hungry sea creatures about to sting or bite, but just grizzly tendrils of kelp tribbles.

You make your way to shore  to discover the beach is now  covered in tribbles that seem to be taking over the world. You decide to build a sand castle. You gather the tribbles, using them to fill and reinforce the wall strength in your sculptural and architectural endeavor.  You laugh and joke that it’s a good thing there are so many tribbles because they’re such a fabulous asset inside of sand castle walls for stabilization, but you know in your heart your just trying to bury the stinking things from sight. You collect and bury all the tribbles you can get to until it’s finally so dark you have to go home.  tribbles copy

That night you praise yourself for the wonderful work you did conquering tribbles. After your shower, you cut open the seamless lining in your bathing suit with a pair of scissors -not because you want to, but because you have to in order to pour out the 1.8 pounds of sand that was lambasted into your suit by the force of the Atlantic Beach waves and has collected in the crotch. -the same waves that shredded the kelp beds just off shore.

The next morning you return to the beach to discover the walls of your castle still standing, yet there are even more tribbles then there were yesterday. Some seem to be moving. You begin anew. A ship just off shore called the U.S.S. Enterprise sends out a distress call…

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