Liberation from the Obsequious Vestment

Liberation by Kim Marchesseault

I swear the model really posed like this! He says he never works out, either. I’ve been finishing this one up and just recently figured out what direction to go with it.

This one was going to be light hearted and all beauty, but I seem to have weighed it down with a giant title. Thing is, the title feels right to me so I’m going to leave it even if it means no one looks twice at it because it’s too deep.

I can do rainbows and sunshine and flowers too, just not in this piece.

13 Responses

  1. He never works out? Oh, right. Like I believe that.
    An here I have to work so hard to look like that…lol lol lol πŸ˜‰

  2. That is a lot of title. I can’t see him well but he looks like Mermaid Guy on Rock. Is that his hand or more folds of the vestment? The sunshine is implied. Does he have a mustache?

  3. I’m not against your titles, understand. I just wonder whether “obsequious” and “vestment” ring a bell with people. The Merman has a nice silhouette or profile.

  4. lol, todd!

    swallows, he’s not a merman, he has no mustache.

    Obsequious and vestment probably don’t ring a bell with people because I don’t know of anyone who’s described a uniform or article of clothing as obsequious but that’s alright with me. Some possible examples of obsequious vestment might be the colors worn by gang members, the robes of clergy, the uniform of military service, etc.

    I’m not making an attempt to sculpt the same old things that have been done to death and to think the same old things that have already been thought of but I wouldn’t be suprised if someone else on the other side of the world 200 years ago put those two words together. Just going with my intuition here.

  5. The title sounds a little daliesque, but that’s ok, the work might get more attention because of a peculiar sounding title. Thanks for not having to reach for the dictionary, Kim! πŸ™‚ The pic is small and dark for a detailed look, but looks like a nice exercise. Do you also need to go for a lighter theme after a more serious or challenging piece? My nymph was such a joy to make these two days, all my frustrations are gone for a while.

  6. This is really nice, Kim. And that guy’s a liar. πŸ™‚

    (When I win the lotto, I’m buying you some lights.)

  7. erika, I expect to be pelted with tomatoes because of the title…I mean, you see how it bothers swallows and he’s very mild, supportive and mellow. I just have to keep reminding myself to bring out my excellent salsa recipe and weather the tomato storm.

    Thanks, moonbeam. Lights from moonbeam…hmm…I like it.

  8. You have such intuition, Kimiam. Exactly 200 years ago on this side of the world I described a uniform as an obsequious vestment and got full of tomatoes. So I was just trying to save you from that kind of citric criticism. However, if you offer salad and your good salsa (the dance?) I’m pretty sure people will see what you mean by the title and kindly offer you the baskets of tomatoes that they just happen to have brought along.

  9. lol, swallows! That sounds like a wonderful evening. We’re having taco night here and I’ve made guacamole and salsa. (hubby’s request because he’s heading to Slovenia tomorrow and it’s his favorite dinner). I wish you could join us.

  10. So that’s where Grant Miller has been all week. He must be an endless source of inspiration for you! πŸ™‚

  11. Make it liberated! I suspect from your title that the ‘sculpted it ‘ is a mimetic pastiche. Is it a dignified classic to be recollected as a grotesque anthrop who has forgotten his age, time, place, sex and feeling. Is it again caricature of extraordinariness?

  12. Make it liberated! I suspect from your title that the ‘sculpted it ‘ is a mimetic pastiche. Is it a dignified classic to be recollected as a grotesque anthrop who has forgotten his age, time, place, sex and feeling. Is it again a caricature of extraordinariness?

  13. I need a dictionary to understand what you’re saying, friend. I did sculpt this out of clay and it is my original work.

    Nothing extraordinary. -an ordinary freeing of one’s self in every day circumstances. -A seperation of duty to an organization/entity in control from duty to morals, values, truth. -Something every ordinary person with a conscience has had to debate.

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