The birdhouse massacre

Birdhouse by Troy Marchesseault What mother wouldn’t love sucBirdhouse by Troy Marchesseaulth a gorgeous, hand painted birdhouse from a wonderful, two-year-old son?  He worked hard to paint these perches bright red. I love this thing. I’ll save it forever.  Birds never moved in… This is my favorite birdhouse in the world.

Troy’s baseball season is starting up soon. He’s going to be eleven in a few weeks.

7 Responses

  1. I love this thing! I wonder why Bird’s never moved in? That’s wierd.

    What a masterpiece!

  2. Birds probably never moved in because it appears that the previous tenants may have not fared so well. 😀

    * Gryphon slaps half_the_sky around a bit with a large trout

  3. lol, aaron.

    Gryphon, it’s not nice to hit girls!! :P~

  4. This is adorable, and the title is hilarious!

  5. Hysterically wrong in so many ways. How funny!

  6. A most excellent birdhouse. I wouldn’t let the birds near it.

  7. lol, you guys. See why I love my son so much? Fabulous artist!!

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