Murals make a million smiles

Kingswood Elementary Mural with artist Kelly Sari We had a lot of fun at Kingswood Elementary in Cary, NC working on these murals with artist, Kelly Sari. I was lucky to be able to volunteer for this project. There are eight panekingswood2_0122ls in all with each representing native species of fish and sea life in various areas of North Carolina. I believe every student at Kingswood participated  with sketching and painting.

In some areas of the mural panels  you could see drippy dots and Kelly  said it was really important to leave these because they  were made by kids from special ed classes. She wanted to make sure every child in the school could come back and see their contribution. These will hang in the Kingswood Elementary Media Center.

Kingswood’s PTA raised money to pay for a grant that allowed Kelly to come to Kingswood and do this project with the kids.