Is it hot in here?

Party in my kiln, Kim Marchesseault View of my loaded kiln. Everything has a brilliant red glow at this time in the heat. I’ve used three types of clay here,

  • White sculpture clay -hated fighting the grog while trying to sculpt details, but this is a fabulous, strong clay that quickly erases it’s “clay memory” and is rapidly able to stand on it’s own during sculpting.
  • Speckled brown -medium amount of grog. Bisque fires to a fleshy pink, fire to cone 5 for tan color with brown specks that is gorgeous.
  • B3 by Laguna -small amount of grog which means this clay is more prone to cracking, but slow drying takes care of that issue. This will bisque to a chocolate brown or can be fired to cone 5 for an almost black color.

Firing to cone 06 this time.

7 Responses

  1. I get excited just looking at your figures and hearing about cooking them. I never got into clay firing. I was unhappy with my first clay figures after the oven–they looked like bricks!–and that’s as far as I ever got. From then on I considered my clay models just a temporary stage of the bronze or stone statue. Next they went into plaster.

  2. I want to see pictures of your work, swallows.

  3. I like this view. Neat picture. Show us the individual pieces later please.

  4. Kim, do you ever glaze them?

  5. Thanks, bill. I’ll try to make sure to post them when they’re finished.

    Erica, I don’t glaze figurative work. I think glaze looks wierd on figurative pieces so I usually varnish them. I’ve used acrylics designed for ceramics on some and am trying enamels right now.

  6. Wow! Your work is amazing.

  7. Thank you, betme.

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