Is it hot in here?

Party in my kiln, Kim Marchesseault View of my loaded kiln. Everything has a brilliant red glow at this time in the heat. I’ve used three types of clay here,

  • White sculpture clay -hated fighting the grog while trying to sculpt details, but this is a fabulous, strong clay that quickly erases it’s “clay memory” and is rapidly able to stand on it’s own during sculpting.
  • Speckled brown -medium amount of grog. Bisque fires to a fleshy pink, fire to cone 5 for tan color with brown specks that is gorgeous.
  • B3 by Laguna -small amount of grog which means this clay is more prone to cracking, but slow drying takes care of that issue. This will bisque to a chocolate brown or can be fired to cone 5 for an almost black color.

Firing to cone 06 this time.