Essential wisdom of children

A father was late to pick up his 4-year-old daughter from a pre-school art class I teach yesterday and before he arrived, she let him have it. She and I were cleaning up the classroom after everyone else went home. She told me her Daddy always forgets to turn out the light when he leaves a room and that Mommy usually has to do it for him. Also, he uses up *all* of the hot water whenever he takes a shower. But then, with the forgiving nature of a child, she said, “He’s not a clown, but he is very good at juggling. That’s probably why Mommy married him, because of his juggling.”  She smiled. I just can’t argue with wisdom like that.


4 Responses

  1. LOL, guess she figured there had to be some reason…

  2. Adorable, although I get the impression that she hears mommy griping quite a bit!

  3. Paul, yes! I was thinking that! hehe

    and moonbeam, yeah! good for this little girl she had a great example to follow so she could express both her disappointment and continued love.

  4. I live in fear now that my toddler is beginning to speak well. Great post.

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