Resilience in a Gale-Force Wind

Resilience in a Gale Force Wind by Kim Marchesseault  Resilience in a Gale Force Wind by Kim Marchesseault

She has her new dress on and she’s ready for the world …er… ok, she has like a month of drying, then firing, then finishing…but then after that she’ll be ready to meet the world! This is the un-nude one from the pair of kneeling ladies.

13 Responses

  1. I like this better now than before when she looked as though she were dancing on her knees. It’s interesting from several sides. I can’t see whether her fanny is exposed. I like the cloth flying. You could sell this to the City of Chicago for a monument. You have a lot of good ideas, kimiam.

  2. You should introduce her to my sculpture.

  3. swallows, Some day I would love to create monuments! It’s a dream. btw, her bottom is covered.

    lol, Grant Miller!

  4. I like the way this turned out. Swallows is right– you really do have a lot of good ideas.

  5. She looks great!

  6. Thank you moonbeam and erica!

  7. “R…Gail Force Wind” immediately commands attention – at least it does from the male viewers! It is a great piece, enjoyed looking, thank you and congratulations on your efforts. Keep up the good work! Thee Art Gallery at by Monty Ousley Weddell Dallas, TX

  8. Thank you for the encouragement, Monty!

  9. Very cool!

  10. I enjoy seeing the increasing expressions of freedom in your pieces, especially when looking at the series in your post before this one.

    I particularly like this piece. I think of “Faith” as part of the sequence, as well — a leap toward freedom.

    Very nice work.

  11. You’re right, Heliopoli, about “Faith” being part of the sequence. I guess I was trying for the “happily ever after” ending that follows every fairytale, but more realistically the trials continue -some lead to failures, but more and more now lead to successes. I’ve gotten e-mails from people about that sculpture in particular and how it pertains to PTSD even though I left it out.

    There’s also another I left out of the sequence. “Wish Granted” completed right after “Letting in the Light”. At that point I ceased contact with destructive relationships. That was a toughy. My daughter says the candle on top reminds her of dynamite. I’m thinking about revising.

    Thank you for your insight. I visited your blog and am blown away by your project.

  12. I knew there was something really great about you.

  13. todd, you’ve gone and made my head swell up now! :P~

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