Two kneeling ladies

twin2 by Kim Marchesseault twin2 by Kim Marchesseault twin2 by Kim Marchesseault Here is what I’ve been working on. I will sculpt clothes on the second lady as soon as I figure out what she will be wearing.

7 Responses

  1. These are so lovely!

  2. I like the pose. I would like to paint it but the model might complain after about 10 minutes. She seems to be saying, “What do you want me to do with this? I’m not picking up after you again!”

  3. Hey, just like my idea about the two Faiths. Very nice. I like the way you did her hair. Will there be a base for them?

  4. Thanks, moonbeem and bill.

    erika, They’ll probably each be displayed on a piece of granite if I can get up the courage to go back to the scary dumpster.

    The second is now wearing a dress.

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  6. Kim, how do you attach them to the granite?

  7. You can use silicone for a temporary bond that you’re able to cut through to remove, or a structural, and better means would be to drill a hole in the granite and put a rod in that can hold your sculpture in place but I was advised to just set the sculptures on granite, unattached so taht if by some miracle someone actually wants to buy one of my sculptures (:P~), they can choose what they want as a base or choose to have no base.

    One guy I know had a bad experience with this because someone picked up the granite base his work was on in a show and dumped the sculpture on the floor and it broke, but this is not the norm. Most people who handle art at a show know what they are doing and are careful.

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