Dressing up Faith

Faith 2 by Kim Marchesseault  Faith 2 by Kim Marchesseault

Here is my second version of Faith. This time she’s clothed.

11 Responses

  1. OK, now I get “Faith” (I think). The flowing cloth of her dress really adds a lot.
    Really nice.

  2. This is going to sound very “Project Runway,” but I love the way you drape the fabric. Wish I could see this photo better, but it’s beautiful.

  3. I’m always agreeing with moonbeam. I too saw that you like to model cloth. And I wish I could see this dress better. Looks good.

  4. Thanks you guys!

    Swallows, I guess I do like sculpting fabric. I love sculpting the wind.

    I’m sorry these snapshots are not so great but I will set up the nice filtered lighting after the pieces are fired and take time for better images.

  5. She looked more powerful naked. Her dress is wonderfully done, but she became more girly. But maybe you wanted to soften her a tad. I still like her, especially her feet.

  6. Erica, thank you for your comment. Very insightful.

  7. Kim, I just noticed my words can be misinterpreted. I seem to have a special talent in this. 😦 I meant to say I absolutely love the way you modelled her feet. Hands and feet are difficult to tackle, and these ones are very expressive.

  8. erika, I took no offense. You said nothing out of place. You being here, bothering to have an opinion about my work and taking time to have a preference for something I made, taking time to say anything at all is very much an honor for me so thank you. I didn’t express my gratitude for loaning me your insight.

    I’m just trying to take everything in and keep on working.

  9. Kim, you’re not just talented, you’re a wonderful person too. I’m just a little paranoid after my mishap at that art forum.

  10. Erika, you know in your heart if you meant any harm on that forum. Sometimes artists become jealous of each other. it happens. Sometimes one is brave enough to give the kind of feedback that actually improves another’s work and it is taken wrong. A lot of people refuse to critique online because you can’t see the other person’s face and sometimes you need to know how they react so you can comfort or apologize or do whatever friendship requires.

    What you said about this piece, I think I already knew on some level. But the thing is, I don’t consider this piece a weaker message than the first version of Faith. She’s just different.

    Faith is more self-righteous, stronger, more determined. Faith 2 is more vulnerable, in pain, more in need.

    The model for this piece contacted me after this second session (for Faith 2) and told me she was in a great deal of pain and it’s pretty serious medical issue that she’ll be having major surgery in the next few days. I think all of us picked up on this during the session, but nothing was said.

    So you see, you are insightful.

  11. Yeah, both versions have their own merit. You know what would be perfect? Having a mirror version of Faith 1 and placed against Faith 2, as Metamorphosis of Faith!
    So sorry about the model, that’s very bad news.

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