Mootisse and Pigasso

matisse project by Kim Marchesseault  Five to Eight-year-olds had a great time with this paper cut out project at the art center. We made watercolor and oil pastel paintings and while they dried, we read a book called When Pigasso met Mootisse by Nina Laden . The children looked at the cow and pig-themed knock off artwork in this book and had fun finding the real paintings in The Essential: Henri Matisse by Abrams. Afterward we cut shapes from construction paper and glued them onto our paintings just as Matisse did during the resurgence of his career when he reinvented himself as an artist.

Some of the kids were so attached to their paintings they didn’t want to glue shapes to them, so I set a cup of glue beside them and left the gluing down as an option if they happened to find something that looked nice as they were moving the shapes around on their composition. In the end, everyone came up with something they were happy with and chose to glue it in place. I was impressed that a few attempted figurative cut outs.  Others made simple rectangle and squares and some ended up with complex, intricate abstract designs.

2 Responses

  1. Wonderful! This looks like so much fun, I may try it!

  2. Try the oil pastels and then water color over them. It happens so fast and is so fun you wouldn’t believe it. Make sure to use water color paper from the craft store for good results.

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