Faith by Kim Marchesseault She’s clinging to something you can’t see or hear or touch. It might be what’s keeping her from falling.

Addendum in white.  Select  it to read: The sculpture named “Faith” is a blank slate for people to see what they need to see in it. I sometimes see the faith that got me through a few rough times, took away my pain so I could have an infantessimal increment of dignity during an overwhelming, unfathomable situation, but I also see in it, at times, that she is holding onto nothing, that noone will come to rescue her, that God will not send an angel to help, that she is abandoned to be humiliated, ridiculed, ostracized, discredited, ashamed and that righteous look on her face will soon dissolve into anguish as those around her revel in undoing her. -all her hope that people will some day see the truth and acknowledge it doesn’t bring it to fruition. It’s an ongoing struggle for me even though the flashbacks are gone.Of course, you probably already know this.


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  1. Great concept, wonderful execution. Must have been challenging to keep her from tipping. Love the angle.

  2. You have good ideas, kimiam. I wonder if her leaning like that doesn’t cause some uneasiness in the viewer.

  3. You guys are really kind.

    Erika, Suprisingly she’s well balanced even though she gives the illusion she should be toppling over.

    Swallows, This is another one of those pieces that just happened. I wish I could say I meticulously planned for it to come out exactly this way and present you with a thick book of preliminary sketches. If I worked in stone, I probably would have to do it that way. We shared a model, everyone had a hand in helping choose the pose and then when we were finished, everyone’s work looked completely different.

    Fortunately I work in clay (not stone) so I often see something as I’m working that inspires me and make an effort to enhance it.

    Who was it (some famous artist Swallows would know of) that said something like this: It’s imperative you have a model from which to deviate.

  4. Swallows can’t think of the artist you mean, kimiam, but he agrees, especially if it is a work as complex as this one.

  5. I found it…I was sure it was something Vincent Van Gogh said, and he did -only in other words.

    Two seperate quotes:

    “I can’t work without a model”
    “Do not quench your inspiration and your imagination; do not become the slave of your model.” –

  6. Thanks a lot. Now I have that George Michael song “Faith” running through my head.

  7. […] is my second version of Faith. This time she’s […]

  8. I like this piece. She must have some good abs to hold the pose.

  9. Thank you, Bill.

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