Restoring Peace After The Parting


No one who has laid eyes on this sculpture has come up with what it says to me.

They offer meaningful reflections and I wonder if it is that I have fallen short as an artist -that they don’t see what I see in it, or if it is some bizarre success that each sees his or her own circumstances.

I do believe good art offers viewers the opportunity to reflect on themselves and their lives, to make solid their own ideas and  philosophies -but somehow I was so over confident, almost embarrassed that the meaning of  this piece wasback_0080 a little too obvious.

How can I, a visual person, have been thrown for such a loop?


5 Responses

  1. Obvious might be lady liberty and the twin towers? Less obvious might be a nod to The Pieta? I definitely see a sense of loss in the piece. It’s almost musical. It’s lovely. How do you keep cranking them out! My god you’re talented.

    … or maybe it’s just an abstract vision of Grant Miller?

  2. You are the first person who noticed what this is about! omg! Grant miller it is! :P~

    Seriously, it is a 9-11 piece and you picked up on it. And yes, I had lady liberty and The Pieta in mind as well. …and as I was working I noticed I gave her hands the positioning of a musician and I liked the healing message of that so I went with it.

    A couple more visual things emerged. Not everyone can see them but I bet you have.

    Gives me hope. Thanks, Margaret.

  3. I’ve never been given to figuring out what art means or what it was meant to tell us. All I can do is appreciate beauty and this? is GORGEOUS!

  4. This is very, very nice, kimiam. It’s a shame you didn’t finish it in time to compete with it for some monument to the 9/11. It is about the best thing I ever saw on that horrible event.

  5. Thank you, Lady Shanny

    and swallows, that means a lot coming from a fellow artist.

    I think at the time they were calling for artists for their monument competitions, that was not the right time for this piece. There is a period of pain, sadness that needs to be allowed and acknowledged before people can be expected to find peace and resolve. Now is the right time for this one.

    p.s. Margaret, I’ve added the 9/11 tag since you’ve read this sculpture.

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