Smooth reclining

whitereclining2_0094  Here’s that third sculpt of the reclining nude  in white clay with smooth finish. This is a quickie sculpture but the smoothing did take longer than the rough, tooled look. On this one I tried to capture the little smile on the model’s face and the way her arm pressed against her cheek. Great model.

4 Responses

  1. Stunning!

  2. Smoothing always makes me doubt. On the one hand, you (one) want to define the shapes completely, but on the other, once the surface is so flat it is less expressive–deader. In marble both kinds “work”. A polished stone is pretty anywhich way; and a stone combed over with the fork chisel really looks like the artist has been at work. I think I have decided that clay looks better rough. May I say I liked your Medusa head better–though really we are only talking about a photograph. That’s another drawback of sculpture, isn’t it?–that you can’t really appreciate it from a photo and yet that’s how it has to be shown mostly.

  3. Smooth makes all the flaws more apparent and takes longer to get a nice finish, in that sense it’s similar to stone. These quick sculptures are better finished rough, but if you’re needing to record details as in a study that you’d use to work from, rough can work against you. This one will be sanded smooth and varnished after firing and in this particular clay that results in a gorgeous finish.

    This one turned out more cartoony looking to me, and is not as anatomically accurate as one where you’re taking your time on the details but it has it’s own character and I wanted that smile. Most reactive facial expression of the three and my favorite of the faces. Overall a good excercise for me.

    Thanks for your feedback, swallows.

  4. This is obviously not an American model. I hope you gave her something to eat after the session.

    I do like the legs and foot.

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