Our angels -Thanks, kid!

OurAngels by Kim Marchesseault and Ruby I was struggling to finish this piece I dreamed of -one of my tasks, when a pre-school student of mine gave me a figurative sculpture of her own.

Her father said it was really important to her that she give this to me.  Thanks, kid.


6 Responses

  1. Very nice piece. She must like you a lot if she wanted you to have her angel. I would make a small one like hers and give it to her as a present.

  2. I just love it when someone gives me art.

    Your piece looks very interesting. A struggle about a struggle?

  3. Extraordinary. You are really talented! And the angel is very sweet too — always such an honor when someone wants to give you one of their pieces.

  4. kimiam–I can’t understand what your clay woman is doing. I hope you show us her front when it’s finished. It looks like a rear-view of my mother’s bedroom picture of The Rock of Ages.

  5. Thanks for your kind comments. The piece is finished, but I haven’t named it yet. When I name it, I will show you the front.

  6. That is shoo sweet.

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