Just a quickie!

 blackunnamedreclining by Kim Marchesseault

I know it was fast, but was it good for you? It’s good for me!

This black clay is messy, but I love the results. It’s a challenge to complete a full body sculpture enough in one modeling session that it only requires some minor touch up afterward.  I add hair after the session so when I walk away from the group, this baby is bald! I’m trying to avoid obsessive detailing and pay attention to the overall lines of the piece.

I have to work faster, not only to push myself to a higher level of proficiency, but also because of the cost of modeling. We’re sharing a model in the Raleigh Sculptureblackunnamedreclining by Kim Marchesseault Group and she is doing the same pose for one more night. I hope to have a third sculpture of this pose in white clay at the end of that night. The models head and hips changed slightly during this second session. I like the position of the head much more like this compared to the first session in brown clay.

Working fast helps me with letting go of each piece. I know I can make more so it’s ok to say goodbye. It’s ok if one isn’t perfect. I can do better next time.

5 Responses

  1. Very , very nice, kimiam. That is a good way to let go, as you say. I guess because I’ve just been looking at erika’s post, the second head looks like a Medusa!

  2. lol! I know the post you’re talking about.

    They’re both the same sculpture, just different angle.

  3. Maybe just give her a buzzcut for time’s sake.

  4. I agree with swallows, Kim. Very good job. It’s a great way of not getting into too much detail, just focus on the whole. I think I should learn from you.

  5. Grant, if you want to commission a bald female nude, I’ll be grateful to take any paying job! Btw, I’m finishing up sculpting your naked soul per request and will auction off to the highest bidder to benefit any lonely, underappreciated person who might fit the target perameters of your low-budget-shoestring-garnished-mixed-drink recipes so they can afford the vanilla extract and cough syrup required.

    Swallows and Erica -thank you for your kind comments. You learn from me-awesome! I already learn from you.

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