Sculpture: Ruler of the universe


ruler-1 copy One of my friends added an interesting quote to his e-mail signature the other day which prompted an e-mail discussion among fellow sculptors.

“Mathematics, rightly viewed, possesses not only truth, but supreme beauty – a beauty cold and austere, like that of sculpture.”   Bertrand Russell

“Ah that is an interesting quote. But I have to think about it … is sculpture cold? Maybe it is … but there is something kind of magical no? The way sometimes I am busy reading in my living room and look up and see two scuptures (Wen and David) and think that maybe they are talking to each other or sometimes giving each other the silent treatment.” -Adam

“Sculpture can be cold…downright terrifying emotionally. Cold to touch sometimes -ice sculpture, anything out doors in the winter. There are actually a few bronzes here in Cary that look like corpses. I’m sure that wasn’t intentional!

Both mathematics and sculpture are attempts to describe. algebra-the line, geometry-space, physics -time and motion, yet they are undeniably different. Sculpture is not enslaved to so many rules. Math for rebels? No…

I think of sculpture as a culmination of many interests. Sculpture taps into intuition -unfathomable, instant intelligence. Intuition is difficult to weigh and measure for mathematicians (they hate that), although some processes in sculpture are formulaic.

I did laugh inside one day when a sculptor told an actual human model his body was not correct according to the formula he’d been taught for proper proportion.

Maybe, more accurately, math and sculpture flirt with each other some days and give each other the silent treatment on other days like Adam’s sculptures of Wen and David.”-Kim

5 Responses

  1. Interesting quote. There is some truth to it, when I’m thinking of stone or bronze classic sculpture. But I feel more warmth when it comes t o wood or clay. I usually try to achieve emotion in my sculpts, which gives them life thus warmth.

  2. I’ve never thought of sculpture as being cold, but maybe the author is referring to, say, a marble sculpture as lifeless in the literal respect. Art can, in fact, only imitate life even at its best. As mathematics is a more literal process than creative, numbers are as constant and cold and beautiful as marble statue, representing life without actually being alive themselves.

  3. Analyzing this art not art, cold hot, or lukewarm is ok if you are bored and feel like annoying someone. In the end just enjoy the beauty it leads you to see while you are alive. Shortly after you are gone from the earth no one will care what you did. Enjoy the process of creating your “art” either alone or with your friends.

  4. Art for me is about relationships- investigating, analyzing, illustrating, them. After a work is done, there is more to be created. By that I mean interpretation, which is a creation of the viewer. This is what I enjoy. Feel free to plug your ears and close your eyes if you’re annoyed.

    You and I are different.

  5. Great quote. Regarding sculptures, I think it depends. Sometimes they do ‘feel’ cold and at other you can almost feel the ‘warmth’ coming from this inert object. It also depends upon how one connects to the picture. Perhaps that was Mr. Russell’s problem.

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