Like pancakes and worm syrup

Worm Syrup by Kim Marchesseault  Oh, you wanted *warm* syrup. My bad!  I had a great time at the Museum of History in Raleigh yesterday mostly because they let me take all the pictures I wanted to. We laughed and joked with other visitors in the museum. The guards were laughing, too. I love the drug store items the best, old posters…so many jokes waiting to be made there.

By far the most disturbing exhibit to me was the decorative arts of North Carolina. Much of it seemed just about as off target as having worm syrup on your pancakes. Admittedly, there are some nice works here and there, but I am so saddened when I walk around this area to see that someone unknowingly commissioned corpses to be cast in bronze and then installed them in public view.

Inside this history museum there was actually a plaster cast of a sculpture of George Washington, first president of the United States, wearing what you’d see an ancient Greek soldier in with sandals and bare legs…worm syrup.

There are a few other sculptures that it just hurts to look at around town. …And a disturbing set of furniture on exhibit that I will share images of tomorrow.

2 Responses

  1. Is that related to St. John’s Wart?

  2. If there were any warts, perhaps they were located in the NC decorative arts section of the museum.

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