They always come in pairs

unamed standing by Kim Marchesseault There are some things you’re called upon as an artist to create, ideas that need to be expressed. Who sends these? I don’t know, but someone or something greater than me.

I finished this unnamed piece today, but it is not what I was supposed to be working on. I’ve been procrastinating on the two related pieces that linger always on my mind since the day they came to me. They always come in pairs. Not sure why. I can’t create anything of significant meaning until I complete these two tasks.

I have been putting them off because they will cause controversy. I hate ridicule. I hate being attacked. But I promised last night in my dream I would complete these two tasks.

If I don’t, my spiritual muse will find someone else. I’ve been given notice.

6 Responses

  1. I feel you on the greater being that sends us ideas and inspiration. The best feeling is connecting with that higher creative power. Everything seems to sort-of flow

  2. Nice piece. Wish I could see a couple of more pictures of it.
    How big is it?

    It’s too bad about the potential controversy and ridicule. Sounds like there’s something very interesting cooking away in you, between you and your muse.

    I’m reading an interesting book that your work and dilemma remind me of: “The Marriage of Cadmus and Harmony” by Roberto Calasso

  3. I agree, nrichie!

    Todd, I’ll post another view tomorrow. There’s a second view I almost posted instead of this one. The piece is about 20 inches tall.

    I don’t know if what I’m working on will really mean anything to anyone else. I always hope I can reach others in some way even though this time it kinda scares me a bit.

    All I know for sure is there is meaning for me and I have to do these. They’re my tasks.

  4. Yeah, I think I understand what you’re saying about one’s work really meaning anything to anyone else. We all know ourselves to be unique, but I’ve realized that we are not that, overwhelmingly unique and that if something rings true to me there is likely to be a few other people who it will ring true to as well. It seems that it’s a matter of finding those people rather than worrying about the others that don’t get it.

    Few of us want to be outsiders, few of us can afford to be outsiders so it is a very valid concern, especially when doing art since art can be so powerful and a dominant cultural group can feel threatened by powerful art. Artists have to be careful, as well, about internalizing the dominant groups fear of exploring limits and boundaries.

    However, as my wife says whenever I start rambling about this: Fear No Art!

  5. Kimiam–those must be very nice clay figures but in my monitor at least they are too dark to see well. Couldn’t you brighten up the photos at Photo Editor before uploading them? I’d really like to see them better.
    Thanks for putting 100swallows on your blogroll!

  6. 100swallows, I’ll take some time and see if I can get the photos to look a bit better soon. You’re right. I need to post better quality images of my work. These were just quickie shots of the piece before I took it in to the studio for more drying so I let myself be lazy with them, which was wrong of me.

    Todd, those are wise words. I enjoy what you have to say about art and life.

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