Where do I sign?

reclining nude by Kim Marchesseault

Where exactly am I supposed to sign this? I’m tired of signing peoples rear ends! Just finished this up and haven’t named it yet. Trying out a new surface texture.


9 Responses

  1. How about the arms or the feet?

  2. lol.

    and wow. nice work. 🙂

  3. You guys are kind.

    Amina Ae Sook, I forgot to mention my last name is Marchesseault. Gets kinda tough to fit all that on these smaller sculptuers. No way that would be legible on the foot.

  4. How about…
    Beautiful sculpture, by the way. Is it waterbased clay you are using?

  5. Thank you! Yes, it is water based.

  6. I was going to say between her legs, and I don ‘t mean there.

  7. O, ok. That’s kind of long. How about the tigh, it may be kind of long.

  8. Typo, I meant to write
    O, ok. That’s kind of long. How about the thigh? It may fit there and be not that prominent.

  9. Thank you for the suggestions!

    I signed her lower calf with a shortened version of my name after I tried it a few other places and wound up scraping it off because it was too much. I figure I can sign my full name on the bottom out of view so then at least it’s on there somewhere!

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