A Hundred Steps

A Hundred Steps -Black Creek Greenway, Cary, NC photo by Kim Marchesseault

There’s something about these steps.   Once I returned to them to find I was standing in the pile of my own dog’s poo I’d left on the ground because I forgot to bring a bag with me.  These steps were there to carry me up on their backs while I scraped off my shoe and thought about karma.

These are the steps I take to better my life. They’re reliable even on days when the problem isn’t as simple as dog poo. At the top of these stairs is a playground. At the bottom is a long, winding path beside a creek which leads to a lake that is contaminated so you can’t eat the fish from it. Poetic.

I call this place A Hundred Steps. Count them. There are actually a hundred and three.

3 Responses

  1. 103? That’s false advertising! (by the way, Happy New Year!)

  2. Under promise, over deliver! :P~

    Happy New Year to you, too!

  3. my first thought was… is there a troll under the bridge? 😉

    keep taking those steps. 🙂

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