The half-wish

The Half Wish by Kim Marchesseault  I saw this half-wish creeping out from someone’s lawn onto the sidewalk. It seemed like a harmless, fuzzy, wonderful thing at first glance, but then as I contemplated what a half-wish is, I began to give it the proper fear it deserves.  A half-wish would be like the monkey’s paw style wish -one that sounds good but has horrible consequences.

It is something someone expresses in anger and desperation. A form of despondent emotion -not something you wish with all your heart.  “I half-wish you were dead.” What is this? Not a true wish, but more of a need for protection from the person hurting you enough to reach a point where you half-wish they were dead. If you had a murdering heart, you would fully wish they were dead.

“I half wish you went through the same thing I did.” What is this? You don’t really want someone to suffer like you had to, you just want them to understand what you went through.

If ever you stumble onto your own half wish, don’t blow it.  You deserve a whole one.

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