Camera with a toggle from easy to pro

  Circles photograph by Kim Marchesseault

As a sculptor I need a nice camera to make images of my work. I want the ease of use that comes with a point and shoot camera, with the option of the kind of control an SLR offers. I want to have my cake and eat it too.

My old digital point and shoot finally bit the dust so I asked a few photo buff friends of mine for suggestions. I think I actually asked for a camera with a toggle from easy to pro.

 Based on their recommendations we bought a Nikon D40x camera body. Camera people will tell you when you buy a camera body, the thing you’re really after is the lens system. The key to making this camera set up so easy is the 18-200 mm VR lens. Yes, this lens actually costs more than the camera body, but this lens offers the point and shoot ease I wanted. With this one lens I can take a huge variety of shots without having to change lenses. The vibration reduction feature is a huge plus because I tend to move a bit while shooting so I can take quality long range shots while zoomed in as well. I’m still playing with my new toy. I absolutely love it. Thank you, Ben Alman, for taking time to advise me on this.

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